Corporate Profile

A leading construction and civil engineering specialists behind Singapore’s most iconic developments.

Where did we begin?

Woh Hup started out as a one-man construction company by the late Mr Yong Yit Lin in 1927 with the $200 in fees he received from his first contracted job for building a pair of garden gateposts for a British residence in Seremban. This initial success - premised on Mr Yong’s philosophy of “small profit margins and construction speed” led to him being awarded construction contracts in Singapore and Malaya by the Seremban Government, such as the development of Keppel Chandu Packing Plant labourers' quarters. Mr Yong then incorporated his company Woh Hup (Private) Limited in 1940.

Where are we now?

Today, Woh Hup is one of Singapore's largest privately owned construction and civil engineering specialists with a 2,500 strong workforce and professionals.

How did we get here?

Integrity, expertise and enterprise. We strive to ensure high standards of safety and quality on every project we work on and to create lasting value for our clients. Within the organisation, we believe in maximising opportunities for our employees to attain their fullest career potential.

How have we grown?

We continually seek to spearhead cutting-edge, innovative building solutions to the Singapore market and have forged strategic joint-venture partnerships with overseas counterparts. This initiative resulted in our market expansion from being a principal player in the building of private residential and commercial developments to include that of large-scale civil engineering works, cementing our position at the forefront of the construction industry, locally and regionally.

A body of work spanning many of Singapore’s most notable and iconic developments.
Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision determines our destination, our mission defines who we are; and our core values provide us guidance in executing our activities.

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred contractor and business partner in Singapore and the region, and to be recognised as the Employer of Choice.

Our Mission

To consistently improve and deliver excellent quality and reliable products and services with integrity, to our valued clients, by our team of trained, competent and responsible staff.

Our Values

Safety, Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, Innovation, Growth

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